What is EcoTara?

  • What is EcoTara?

    More than a reatreat centre, it's a different way of living

EcoTara is a health & wellness retreat centre located in a spectacular setting in rural Gran Canaria.

We are located in Fataga, the southern part of the island, just 20 minutes from the beach, but miles away from tourism and stress.

It’s a place to experience the true essence of the Canary Islands. In other words, to get inspired by the beauty of everyday life and the bounties of Mother Earth. 

EcoTara hosts retreats, trainings and workshops, being able to host up to 18 people at the centre. 

Retreats normally run from 2 to 10 days, longer for trainings. They usually include healthy organic food grown on site, daily yoga, meditation and use of the pool.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be the food”


We believe health is determined by our lifestyle and connection with both food and the environment, two essential components at EcoTara. 


Our organic garden

We grow our own food so we have a wide range of herbs, vegetables, roots and fruit trees. For instance, orange, lemon and olive trees. Planting seeds, nurturing and watching them grow gives us a feeling of accomplishment that's hard to explain.


Our little farm

We have quite a few chicken, 2 roosters, 2 turkeys, 2 sheep and a naughty black canarian pig named Baku, who roams freely in a large fenced-in area.



Around the property we have two large water tanks to collect rain water to be used for watering the property and the garden. In addition, solar panels placed on the roofs of the houses help reduce electric consumption on EcoTara.

the team

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality”

Sella Arrocha

Visionary and Founder of Ecotara
Originally trained as a nurse in her Canary Islands homeland, she went on to develop her profession over the next 15 years in various European cities. Her travels around the world enabled her to explore and learn more about healthy ways of living. In 2015 Sella committed to developing and implementing all that she had learned in the creation of EcoTara in her beloved homeland. This project has allowed her to continue developing her passion for care and wellbeing and to share it with others in this corner of paradise.

Estrella Santana Rodriguez

Originally from Gran Canaria, Estrella is in charge of welcoming you at Ecotara and helping out with any questions or needs you might have throughout your beautiful stay. Estrella is also a vegetarian chef for different types of retreats and is currently developing and researching in the area of nutritional coaching.

Estrella Suarez Alonso

With more than ten years in her field, Estrella facilitates sessions and workshops focused on inner work through yoga, specializing in kundalini, vinyasa, martial art, Zen meditation and the sensitive encounter with magical nature. The concern for the knowledge of the essence has led her to walk through Asia, America, Europe and Japan, connecting with the traditions that lead the being to connect with the infinite. The greatest ambition for Estrella as leader and human being is to discover, release and reconnect with the essence to expand the deepest potential.

Sivan Okavi

Yoga teacher
Sivan is a yoga teacher & collaborator of Ecotara based in Israel, been teaching in the UK India and the Canary Islands, practicing since 2006. She is teaching traditional Ashtanga-Vinyasa, Vinyasa flow and Yin Yoga, as well as being a qualified reflexology therapist. Yoga has been the light of my life journey and I became passionate to pass this magic on to those who choose to practice with me Namaste - from the divine in me, to the divine in you.

Zahra Hagouchi

Yoga Teacher
To me yoga means reconnecting to the core of who you are. Through teaching Hatha and Vinyasa with a gentle approach I love to guide you on this journey. In private yoga classes I adjust to your needs and desires. I also offer one-on-one mindfulness coaching sessions where I help you towards a mindfulness and meditation practice that is suitable and sustainable for you!

Tolde Fraser

Physiotherapist & Hike leader
As a physiotherapist I do a thorough examination to get to the core of your issue. From there I offer solutions from a holistic approach, giving you the tools to take charge of your own healing process. My interventions include kinesiotaping, body awareness, orthopedic manual therapy, breath work, relaxation technique and much more. I am also a massage therapist and offer Swedish classic massage and trigger point massage. As a passionate and experienced hiker I guide hikes around the island with varying difficulties.

Rocio Barretoo

Rocio is the person in charge of keeping this beautiful paradise neat and clean, healthy and harmonious. As an essential part of our team, she always has a smile for you.

Local community

We have built a strong friendship with the people of Fataga, the nearest village. Therefore, we usually welcome the locals to participate in our projects in order to continue building a strong and sustainable community.