Just two and a half years ago, EcoTara Canary Islands began its journey.

We started out slowly but surely, learning almost everything from scratch; Opening our arms wide open to a new way of living. As soon as we started we fell in love with our vision and although the future was uncertain, we chose to believe and have absolute faith.

How to create a retreat centre ? How to start an Eco-Villa? How to attract and develop a beautiful community ? How to plant and grow organic vegetables ? How to care for animals and share the space with them?

We didn´t know all the answers but we were happy to learn. We didn’t have gurus or masters but instead we chose to observe and allow others to show us the way. We listened to the local people and the elders of the town, spending time sitting with them as they shared their lifetime’s knowledge. We observed nature; How the wind blows, how the water runs, why certain plants grow and others fail. Which like the sun, which crave the shade.

We immersed ourselves in the time and rhythm of nature – a beautiful experience that teaches you to be patient, calm and positive. Nature has the answer, you only need to listen.

I still remember the fragrance and taste from the first vegetables we ate after planting a tiny little seed. It was if this beautiful seed knew us. We put her in the ground with love and respect, every morning we went to talk to her and gave the water she needed and after some time she was so grateful that she gave us food; food that we call medicine. In simplest and purest terms I take care of this seed and in return I believe she is taking care of me.

And similarly, people nourish our souls. They are as seeds that we love and respect. They grow healthy and strong at Ecotara nurtured by our clean and harmonious space where they can rest and immerse themselves in nature. They remind us how important it is to have this pure little oasis on this Earth. How privileged we are to be able to welcome them to our paradise!

So many people have passed through this land. Some for only a few days, some for weeks, some for months and others have decided to stay on. We cry, we laugh, we dance, we work, we sing, we learn and grow and practice together.

We learn to love and share with respect.

What an amazing experience it is “to share”, Sella & EcoTara Canary islands

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