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Family retreat

Children and adults alike are fully catered for during our family yoga retreats here at Ecotara.


For children aged three and above there are various activities, both educative and entertaining, for them to enjoy.  In the meantime, you can have a peaceful, relaxing time and space to explore the beautiful surrounding of Ecotara and Fataga Valley.


There will also be families activities to do together to connect you and strengthen your family bond.


Ecotara Family retreat welcomes adults and children of all ages for a long weekend or weeks of Yoga classes for you, for the family, workshops, games, sharing responsibilities and leisure time. Our intention is to welcome a diverse group of families, and we appreciate that this is also a special opportunity for carers in single parent families to have time for themselves.


In the structure of the retreat, families gather together at different intervals during the day for family-friendly related activities or Yoga, and then parents have time for further relaxation whilst children go to their groups. The children’s groups are led by experienced group leaders with a connection to Ecotara, with activities including songs, games, stories, cooking, gardening, animal care, arts,performance and nature-based games/activities.


As our goal is quality, not quantity, we have a limited number of places so we recommend booking as soon as possible. Places are then allocated bearing in mind the sizes of rooms available, the sizes of the children’s groups, the age range within the groups.


As childcare is not provided for children under 3, we strongly suggest (but do not require) that small children are accompanied by two adults. This enables childcare to be shared so that each adult can participate more fully in the retreat.


We look forward very much to welcoming you and your children to this unique and very special retreat.