Allow me to share with you the story of EcoTara Canary Islands; The vision and the journey and how the dream became the reality. I spent many years travelling the world, living in various and varied big cities, always trying to find my place. I was constantly in search of a more authentic life; looking for answers, solutions, signs – anything that could help me to learn and grow, to be happy, to be relaxed… to be free. After many years away from my beautiful Canary Islands, I decided to stop. I took myself out of my comfort zone and I made a conscious decision not to distract myself any more from the routine of regular life.

I gave up the house I had in Berlin and literally piled everything I needed into my little car and set off… I channelled all my energies into working increasingly long hours as a nurse in London – I was unclear why exactly I was doing it but I was so sure that I should be doing it that I ploughed all my energies in this work . One day however, while sitting in my little car, I asked myself the question “How do you really really want to live your life?” And out of the blue – as if by magic – the answer came naturally and suddenly to me: I wanted to grow clean food, to connect with Mother Earth, to be present and develop practice, to bring awareness to my life, to share with and learn from so many people on my path.

I had always been interested in healthy living and had friends with knowledge. I had lived in another people project and I knew it was time to bring to my land all the beauty and good intention I had found along the way in my life.

Once the intention had been set, the property I needed appeared and without any hesitation I jumped into the project with a lot of love, passion and trust. The beginning was not easy at all: so much to do and many new challenges. The sheer enormity was overwhelming and there were inevitably moments of doubt and uncertainty – by intention never wavered.

Such an undertaking would have been impossible to do alone, but I knew the right people who were willing to join me in creating this incredible space in the Canary Islands where people could come together in gratitude to celebrate all that is good in life.

From the deepest place in my heart, I can not even begin to thank enough every soul that came over to help me make this dream a reality. All I had to offer in return was a warm plate of food, a roof to share and my love, enthusiasm and passion to create. These wonderful people, who matched my passion and enthusiasm, left their mark of love in this beautiful land and now when you walk into EcoTara you can feel it, smell it and see it all around you. Their legacy is in the ether and greets you with a warm embrace .

Today EcoTara Canary Islands is a beautiful and welcoming place; We share with our guests morning yoga practice, organic food from our garden; we hold Yoga and Acroyoga retreats, workshops, healthy days and much more.

I am extremely grateful to my family and friends who believed in, and support me from the very beginning. They have been the fuel to keep me going in many difficult moments. Thanks to Loren for coming over from the States many times to love me and to help me in planning and building. Special thanks to my friend Silvia Sampons: you are the magic one, this project would not be what it is without your care, love, art, and passion.

What I have learned along the way on this incredible journey is: ” if you follow your dreams; believe, share and work hard – you can make them your reality”.

Much love

Sella & EcoTara Canary Islands

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