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Kambo Cura Retreat


The 8 day Kambo Cura Retreat is an invitation to fully focus on your healing process in a rejuvenating mountain setting on the sunny island Gran Canaria. This retreat is a collaboration between Lisa Marieke (Beyond Egos) & Anne de Boer (Divinnerty) from the Netherlands.


When is this retreat right for you?

  • ☞ If you are ready to transform yourself into your highest potential. Remember; you are already perfect the way you are. Sometimes we just need a little guidance to become aware of that 😉.
  • ☞ If you are ready to let go of old habits, beliefs or thought patterns.
  • ☞ If you want to gain more clarity about certain aspects of your life.
  • ☞ If you feel you can use some healing on specific areas of your life.
  • ☞ If you would like a “reset”.
  • ☞ If you really need a break from all the craziness of modern day life and feel the need to retreat yourself.
  • ☞ If you want to connect with nature and bath yourself into beautiful surroundings while your skin gets kissed by the sun.
  • ☞ If you want to gather tools and learn how to heal yourself at a physical, mental or emotional level (even at home when you are back) .
  • ☞ If you want to develop yourself more on a spiritual level and expand your consciousness.
  • ☞ If you want to detox your body on a physical, mental, emotional and energetic level. Combined with the right nutrition, food is medicine.
  • ☞ If you could use some more energy, focus and clarity.
  • ☞ if you could use some more rest, balance and peace in your mind.
  • ☞ if you want to balance your hormonal -and nervous system.
  • ☞ If you are longing for a deeper connection with yourself.
  • ☞ If you are curious to explore new things.
  • ☞ If you want to connect with a small group of people on a deeper level.
  • ☞ If you wanna have fun, dance, drink cacao, go to the beach or hike in the mountains at a beautiful tropical volcanic island!

If you can find yourself in one or more of the above reasons, this retreat will be the right retreat for you. Now, also if you’re new to Kambo or breathwork, we will make sure that this retreat will be valuable for people of all “levels” of spiritual development. So are you the “spiriwiri” type of person and you love some woowoo-language or if you’re new; you are all welcome here.



2020 was for most of us a very challenging, thus transformative year. We have carefully composed this retreat program to help you to transmute yourself to your highest potential and let go of all that is not serving you anymore. To leave behind the struggles of 2020 on an emotional level and to be able to come back full power and with new energy and focus to manifest the life you’re longing for.

The program contains the following activities:

♡ 3 Kambo ceremonies
♡ 3 Breathwork sessions
♡ 3 Yoga classes
♡ Energetic Group Healing
♡ Rapé Ceremony
♡ Cacao Ceremony
♡ Ecstatic Dance
♡ Silent Day
♡ Journaling exercises
♡ Guided meditation & self healing practices
♡ Sharing circles & transformational practices
♡ Full moon ceremony
♡ Day trip
♡ Time to relax & enjoy

You can read more information about the specific activities here:


Expect nothing, experience everything

We start the week with an introduction & rapé ceremony to ground ourselves, get to know each other and set intentions for the week. There will be Kambo ceremonies on the 2nd, 4th and 6th day and they all have the same format. On the ‘Kambo days’ the focus will of course be on Kambo with additional journaling exercises and sharing circles after dinner. Furthermore we have 3 yoga classes planned before breakfast in the mornings that we don’t have Kambo. We also have 3 breathwork sessions planned, guided by Anne. On the time off there is the opportunity to explore the island and its surroundings. Or you can hang out at the retreat center. We have a special night planned with a cacao ceremony, an ecstatic dance to move the energy through our bodies. On day 7 we have a silent day to integrate, meditate and turn even more inwards. After dinner we have a full moon closing ceremony to share our experiences of the week and celebrate our last night together as a group. On the 8th day we say goodbye to each other.


The facilitators

About Lisa (Beyond Egos)
Facilitator of healing, transformation & connection with the self and all that is. Beyond Egos dreams of a universe with an abundance of love and unity so that all beings are happy and in harmony. With this underlying philosophy Beyond Egos organises healing sessions, ceremonies, retreats, courses and other spiritual activities that are accessible and above all playful.

There are many aspects of spirituality that Lisa feels an enormous passion for, but what all activities have in common is the healing aspect. When we truly take responsibility for ourselves and are willing to peel off old layers of the ego that don’t serve us anymore, we become one with our true selves and purpose. We all have the ability to heal ourselves and Lisa gives people the tools to do so. She supports people in this process with the method that is most suitable, or a combination of different methods. Lisa does energetic healing work, is Kambo practitioner and organises a variation of healing ceremonies. Lisa is also a Shamanic Healing student at the Institute for Siberian Shamanism and a Mediumship student. She loves to bring inspiration into creation.

About Anne (Divinnerty)
“Het leven is proeven en proberen”
(“Life is about tasting and testing”) This is a wise lesson my grandmother has taught me. I live by this message and along the way I have gathered so many amazing tools, it would be a shame to keep them for myself.
The best way to describe myself is as a creative octopus, always working on new projects, and creating new things. My mission is to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity. The main tool I can apply for this is simply our breath.
For years I have been working in the festival industry, that allowed me to bridge the winters in other countries and discover other cultures and nature. However, I did not only travel around the world, as I did, I also journeyed deep inside myself in various retreats, courses, trainings and workshops.

A number of mystical experiences led to a search for what other things life has to offer that people in Western society don’t share with you when you grow up. Meditation, yoga, tantra, different type of healing modalities, vipassana, metaphysical courses, pranic healing, breathwork, plant medicine and much more have brought me on the path of transformation and transmutation. It became a big passion in my life.
And at this moment, I am still learning and gathering tools, I don’t think this will ever stop. However, it is time to share these gems and gifts that can make your life more beautiful.


Kambo, transformation and integration

At home it can be challenging to create enough space for Kambo medicine in the middle of a busy lifestyle with all the distractions. By continuing life without the reflection and integration that Kambo requires, you might miss out on important lessons while old patterns and programs keep running. By nature we tend to distract ourselves and push away feelings of discomfort. When you take the time, you can explore your habits and thoughts. It gives you the opportunity to discover what’s feeding the patterns and programs in order to let go for good. This retreat provides all the time and attention for the preparation, integration and your personal journey.

Kambo is a doorway to profound healing, but you have to step through the door yourself to get the most benefits out of it. We combine the powerful Kambo warrior medicine with more gentle healing methods such as breathwork, meditation and energy healing to create an optimal balance. When you feel comfortable and at ease it is a lot easier to surrender to the lessons that are there for you. The other aspect of the inner work is exploring and deepening your qualities to empower your strengths. By connecting with the deepest sense of self, talents have the opportunity to unfold, blossom and grow. This retreat can touch you and your life in many aspects and is an opportunity to go real deep. The success depends on your willingness to face and work with what is there for you combined with gentleness and a deep sense of self love. Be ready for some turbulence and profound changes while you benefit from the support of each other and the facilitators. Not only will you heal and transform yourself during this week, you will also learn tools to heal yourself at home on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.


Make this dream into your reality

Kambo is not suitable for everyone and therefore this retreat is not suitable for everyone. Before we can accept you as a participant we ask you to fill in the online questionnaire:


You will hear back from us within 24 hours.


Mar 22 - 29 2021


All Day

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