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Gran Tantra Island

The Gaylovespirit team invites you to a loving tantric experience in a unique environment.

This time we have discovered a special house in the mountains of Maspalomas. Ecotara is certainly something very special in its kind. It is a lovingly managed house in a wonderful environment. We will be able to enjoy the house and its grounds for ourselves.

Secluded in a breathtaking area, far away from the hustle and bustle of Playa del Ingles, we will spend five days together. Under the open sky there are several pitches, a swimming pool and a whirlpool available. In the group room we can unfold freely. The rooms and bathrooms have been lovingly renovated.

This five-day workshop is a sensual oasis for your love life.

You will learn from Gay Love Spirit trainers and gain tantric experiences together with them.

We will cover the whole spectrum of your physical experience, sometimes it becomes very erotic and horny, in other moments it is more about emotions and heart or even subtle experiences.

Tantra means for us that everything that the men bring into the group is welcome, with love and respect for each other we will have a wonderful time.

Topics we touch and experience:

– breathing techniques

– The Chakra System

– Tantric exercises: use your sexual energy for ecstatic experiences

– Experience trance-like states

– Cock-mouth connection: a sensual ritual in which you are pampered and spoiled

– Erotic self-love

– A Masturbation Ritual (Tao Kung Fu)

– Genital Massage

– Connection with all the senses and the nature that surrounds us

– Anal Massage

– Prostate massage

– Active and silent meditation

– We create supporting structures, go out with friends and experience the gay scene of Gran Canaria as a playground for adults.

Together we create a playful atmosphere characterized by trust, friendship and new discoveries.

We will use breath, touch, movement, meditation and sounds to make tantric experiences, and you will feel freer and more fulfilled.

We will work with the aspirations and development of each participant, emphasizing individual freedom of choice and responsibility. Every man in the group is a “training partner” to help you grow.

Tantra in the group:

We humans are mammals and pack animals, it is fun and nourishes us deeply when we are touched on a physical, mental and spiritual level and can discover others in this way.

Every man in the group has his own weaknesses and strengths. Watch how others deal with issues you still have trouble with and find solutions to your own problems.

You are welcome to share your experiences with the group so that others can benefit as well.

What is included in the workshop fee?

– The teaching fee

– Drinks (tea and water)

– All the utensils we need, condoms, lubricants, gloves etc.

What is not included? Extra costs for:

– Taxi to Playa del Ingles (about 7 € per person and drive)

– Entrance fees for sauna, sex club, drinks in gay cafés and gay bars

– Small snacks in the nightlife

Accommodation and meals at Ecotara Retreat are booked separately:

The price including accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner is 450 Euro for the 5 days and must be paid upon arrival at the retreat (cash and card payment possible). The transfer to the retreat costs about 45 euros per taxi ride. On Saturday for departure we can arrange a joint transfer to the airport/or the hotel for the extension week for 10 Euro/person.

Afterglow & Chill Out!

You can deepen your experiences and impressions by booking a stay in a gay hotel in Maspalomas one week after the workshop. In this way you can develop your connections to the other men of the group and integrate your tantric experiences. And just take a few nice days off with your new friends from the workshop. We are currently looking for a suitable place for this.


Additional offer to you:

Also this time we want to offer an optional extension on the island. We have reserved some bungalows from March 23 2019 to March 31 2019 for you in the gay bungalow complex Los Almendros. In a 2-3 person bungalow cost 55 Euro/bungalow/day (With 3 in a bungalow it gets even cheaper). We want to continue our journey here together and have a good time. Thorsten, Miguel and Hanns are here for you and want to accompany you on holiday after the intensive time of the workshop. We will offer discussions, joint meals, beach days and activities. All on a voluntary basis, of course. Bookings and information are welcome directly from Hanns at



Nov 07 - 12 2020


16:00 - 16:00

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EcoTara Canary Islands
Carretera de Fataga, 32, 35108 - San Bartolomé de Tirajana, Gran Canaria - Spain
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